The invisible, under-desk, fast wireless charger.

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Completely wire free.1

Finally, a way to wireless charge your phone without cables and clutter.
Unwyre allows you to charge your phone on any2 desk, bench or surface up to 30mm thick with no routing, drilling or modification required.

Fast Qi compatible charging

Unwyre supports fast Qi compatible charging on all phones that support it.  With 5W Android charging, 7.5W iPhone fast charging and 10W Samsung fast charging, you'll be charged & ready to go in no time!

Suitable for charging all Qi compatible devices:
iPhone up to 11, AirPods Pro, All Google Nexus & Pixel, Samsung S6 - S20 Onward, Blackberry, & some Motorola, Nokia, Asus & Microsoft Phones.


Unwyre can tolerate misalignment of up to 15mm.

No need to worry about placing your phone perfectly every time, it'll still start charging.

Up to 30mm charge distance

Unwyre will charge your phone through any2 surface up to 30mm thick.  Charge your phone freely on kitchen counter tops, office desks, bedside tables, shelving or anything you can think of!


Size: 154 x 110 x 10mm
Weight: 0.167kg
Colour: Black
Materials: ABS & Polycarbonate
Input: 19v 0.94A
Output: Up to 10W Qi-BPP Fast Charge
Charging Distance: 15-30mm
Misalignment Tolerance: 15mm

1 Unwyre is completely obstruction and wire free on top of the chosen charging surface. Unwyre requires the supplied power supply to be plugged in and wired to the charger under the charge surface to operate.

2 Unwyre can charge through any surface that does not contain steel or ferrous material up to 30mm thick.

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